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there's nothing like a funeral to make you feel alive.

#61; Final
Alright, everyone, if you would please unfriend this journal. I keep getting spammed by a twitter account that is no longer mine, and altough I have asked the current owner to shut it off, they haven't. It's not entirely their fault, since I should have shut it off myself before changing names but I didn't think about it.

Anyway, I'm moving to kieok, so I'll be adding y'all over there.

(Written 2010/03/07)

#0; (Mostly) Friends Only

I will stalk you if you visit me (just so you know).
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From Twitter 04-08-2011

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From Twitter 03-04-2011

  • 12:38:52: RT @snyyong: I like Massu's smile ^^
  • 12:39:30: RT @snyyong: Massu is Masuda Takahisa's nickname. Cute Japanese man from NEWS (idol group) XD
  • 12:40:38: I want to see Massu on dorama this season..
  • 12:41:11: I want to see Massu doing kisu scene on dorama XDD
  • 12:42:21: I want Massu to sing for me in our wedding party. *kicked* XDD
  • 12:42:53: I want Tegomass no ai DVD!!!
  • 12:43:37: I want to meet Massu!!
  • 12:45:33: lol I know, I just want to spam to reduce my stress haha.. XDD RT @tinaorwolf: @massuperman wrong Massu hon, haha. x
  • 12:47:53: I love massu-pi ​♥‎​​
  • 12:49:53: Btw, if Massu doing a kisu scene... Who do you think, the girl should be?
  • 12:50:43: Massu - Gakky is good...
  • 12:51:49: Massu - ueto aya?? hmm...
  • 12:53:20: Lovely icon ♥‎​​ RT @aizawa_chan: my icon *v* RT @massuperman: I love massu-pi ​♥‎​​
  • 12:55:17: I want to hug Massu!!
  • 12:56:16: Which suits him? Massu bear or Massu pig? XD
  • 12:58:27: I miss #JEboys Trending Party...
  • 12:59:12: But it's me who always busy at that time...
  • 12:59:51: RT @aizawa_chan: MassuPanda xDD RT @massuperman: Which suits him? Massu bear or Massu pig? XD
  • 13:01:02: @aizawa_chan But Panda is Kusano deshou? XDD
  • 13:02:12: @tinaorwolf lol Rat!! Very cute <3 So you have Tegomass then XDD
  • 13:03:56: Johnny-san, please let Massu appear on KFC cm! He always practices for it!!
  • 13:05:37: Or in food program!!!
  • 13:08:38: @tinaorwolf Yes!!! XDD Pig and gay!!!! ROFL But, I'm sorry to hear that they're gone :(
  • 13:11:02: I want to see Massu - Aiba pair in dorama.
  • 13:11:50: When I see yellow, I think of Massu.
  • 13:12:42: Yellow-Pink is my favorite combination color now XD
  • 13:14:44: I want to see Massu vs Pan-kun in Shimura Doubutsuen.
  • 13:15:11: I want Massu to make twitter account.
  • 13:16:22: I want to see Massu (and NEWS) in VS Arashi.
  • 13:17:49: If that (NEWS in VS Arashi) happen, I don't know which team I want to win.
  • 13:22:12: Massu, please teach me to swim! *o*
  • 13:24:59: @aizawa_chan Oyasumiiiii!!!! ^^
  • 13:26:34: Ok, enough with Massu spam. My stress level is now low... Thanks Massu. Thanks twitter. ^^

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From Twitter 01-24-2011

  • 19:50:16: Happy birthday Arashi's Sakurai Sho! ♡ #doubleparka
  • 19:53:51: RT @JKPOPLOVERS: who is Sakurai Sho? He is a Japanese idol, singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, newscaster, host, and member of Arashi
  • 19:55:11: #doubleparka RT @snyyong: @erlively You can google him... ^^ He's the next Prime Minister of Japan. lol xD

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From Twitter 11-03-2010

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From Twitter 09-14-2010

  • 10:10:27: RT @Tsukixyama: RT @stay_gold0106: I love NEWS #NEWSlive
  • 10:10:39: RT @trendje: Arashi Debut 11 Years Anniversary \(^o^)/ Let trend #arashi on 15 Sept whole day, peak time at 3-6AM, 11AM, 5-8PM JST #fol ...
  • 10:10:44: RT @snyyong: Happy 11th birthday to #arashi!! :D
  • 10:10:49: RT @trendje: Celebrate NEWS Album <LIVE> release & their anniversary! on 15 Sep with #NEWSlive peak at 7-11PM JST http://bit.ly/dh ...
  • 10:10:56: RT @newskattuneito: We want see NEWS FLY AGAIN together as 6 members FOREVER #NEWSlive
  • 10:11:00: RT @JNewSFans: September 15th!!!! YEY for #NEWSlive and their new album!
  • 10:11:07: RT @liminlovespi: Happy anNEWSversary! :) wishing the #NEWSlive album will top charts again! Great job guys! Your vocal abilities have i ...
  • 10:11:10: RT @Liseti: I'm so happy to be a NEWSfan *---* #NEWSLive #HappyNEWSday
  • 10:11:14: RT @snyyong: #NEWSlive saikou!!!!!!
  • 10:11:17: RT @Tsukixyama: let's BE FUNKY!! xD LOL #NEWSLive
  • 10:11:40: RT @Valium_n_Chanel: Happy NEWS Anniversary #NewsLive
  • 10:12:56: RT @JNewSFans: Omedetou News! You are an awesome group! as same as your new album ;D
  • 10:13:25: Fun fun funky time~ ♪ #NEWSlive
  • 10:15:51: RT @news_je: Happy 7th Anniversary NEWS #NEWSlive
  • 10:16:13: I have listened to #NEWSlive all the time!! lol xDD
  • 10:16:44: Dame desu!! XD RT @pumpkinmassu: ahh i'm hungry lol can i eat massu now? xD #NEWSlive
  • 10:19:56: I want Massu to be my piano teacher!! haha XDD #NEWSlive RT @pickoneJPOP: #pickoneJPOP singer who you really want to be your teacher
  • 10:20:15: RT @liminlovespi: Hail #NEWSlive! Minna, pls support by buying the album as well! Through that, it'll encourage JE to bring NEWS global! ...
  • 10:21:06: Massu XDD RT @pickoneJPOP: #pickoneJPOP male singer who has a cuuuuute looks (not pretty, but cute!)
  • 10:21:15: RT @JNewSFans: I am soooo Happy for NEWS! They deserve all the best for this album! :D
  • 10:25:00: RT @JNewSFans: WE love you NEWS! #NEWSlive! :D
  • 10:25:27: I sometimes can't recognize Shige and Ryo's singing voice. Massu and Koyama's too. #NEWSlive
  • 10:26:28: Tegoshi's singing voice is amazing!!! #NEWSlive
  • 10:29:52: Yeah, save Massu for #NEWSlive!!! ^^ RT @pumpkinmassu: ROFL xDRT @KanaYuzuki because we need to save him for the concert! xD
  • 10:34:15: @stay_gold0106 @Natsummeria They have similar singing voice ne.. But I bet now you can perfectly distinguish it deshou? XD #NEWSlive
  • 10:36:17: So we can 'accidentally' touch his hand! LOL XDD #NEWSlive RT @pumpkinmassu: wow sounds GREAT! RT: I want Massu to be my piano teacher!
  • 10:38:00: Futari/130000000 no kiseki ~#NEWSlive
  • 10:38:29: RT @JNewSFans: The group's name is an acronym based on the cardinal directions (North, East, West, South) and the members locations. #NE ...
  • 10:38:40: RT @news_je: Pi: Because we passed so many things all together. We helped each others, many times we don't need words to understand each ...
  • 10:38:52: RT @meronchuw: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ITS BIG NEWS ♥ Happy birthday to NEWS! #NEWSlive
  • 10:39:02: RT @news_je: Tego: NEWS is My family home. Doing a whole lot of solo activities feels like I’m living by myself. #NEWSlive
  • 10:39:50: NEWS Member Ai is so sweet!! #NEWSlive
  • 10:40:08: RT @news_je: They survive thru hardships before, Today is a celebration for all of us, also the day we came to know the 9 persons to for ...
  • 10:42:28: Kyaaa!!! Nice technique!! XD #NEWSlive RT @stay_gold0106: i'll get him to teach me from my back xP
  • 10:44:04: LIVE #NEWSlive
  • 10:45:36: I can't wait to see NEWS singing #NEWSlive in concert!! That must be very Wonderful! ^^
  • 10:51:33: LOL... @pickoneJPOP with its imaginary situation!! XDD #NEWSlive
  • 10:52:13: RT @news_je: M: No matter what I’m doing, I’m always NEWS’ Massu on my days off and even when I’m with friends. So it’s already who I am ...
  • 10:53:27: RT @pumpkinmassu: ryo proclaimed himself as Sexy Osaka Man xD #NEWSlive
  • 10:53:44: RT @meronchuw: its absolutely right if NEWS is Never Ending Wonderful Story :D #NEWSlive
  • 10:59:33: RT @newsfangirl: the happiness of NEWS having a new album makes me wanna watch all their concerts again and listen their songs on repeat ...
  • 11:02:49: RT @fadedflavour: Happy 7 years anniversary to NEWS, happy 19 years to SMAP AND HAPPY 11 YEARS ANNIVERSARY TO ARASHI <3 #NEWSlive
  • 11:03:56: @fadedflavour OMG... SMAP, Arashi, and NEWS have same debut date??? #NEWSlive
  • 11:04:08: RT @oni2one: Member Ai from Ryo <3 RT @newskattuneito: ryo asked other member went to tegomasu con together. that is LOVE!! #NEWSlive
  • 11:04:18: RT @annifmika: RT @tegoshis: HAPPY 7TH ANNIVERSARY, #NEWSlive! :) ♥
  • 11:05:29: Hahaha... He needs more Ai especially from Tegoshi xDD RT @pumpkinmassu: massu wants people to notice when he gets a haircut #NEWSlive
  • 11:05:44: RT @pumpkinmassu: Sometimes, massu dances to his ringtone before picking up LOL !! #NEWSlive
  • 11:05:48: RT @TegoPaku: fandom fact: I love NEWS,everything about them ANDD!!!! the NEWS fandom is such a woderful place!! NEWS saikou!!! #NEWSlive
  • 11:06:08: RT @oni2one: Happy Anniversay NEWS #NEWSlive You guys are the best!
  • 11:06:20: RT @tegoshock: Love all the songs from #NEWSlive Album ♥
  • 11:06:36: RT @oni2one: NEWS I love your Unplugged DVD, now I can't wait for my copy and watch it on the TV, instead of the PC. #NEWSlive rocks!!!
  • 11:08:46: RT @tegoshock: let's keep the party alive #NEWSLive and we'll just D.T.F ♥
  • 11:10:22: You're my precious baby, can't stop thinking of you, kokoro no mannaka ni iru kara, everyday, everytime forever~ #NEWSlive
  • 11:10:49: RT @aizawa_chan: let's party with #NEWSlive!!
  • 11:11:40: @aizawa_chan Your Yamapi is getting hotter and hotter!! XDD #NEWSlive
  • 11:11:51: RT @newskattuneito: koyama ur the best mama role ever!!! i love you coz u love so much other member ^^ #NEWSlive
  • 11:13:15: I love reading tweets to #NEWSlive. There are all so sweet. NEWS fans is <3
  • 11:16:38: RT @newskattuneito: Kei: what is ur pride shige? shige: My pride is NEWS!! YES! shige me too!! NEWS is my pride too ^^ #NEWSlive
  • 11:17:36: RT @tegoshis: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, Koyama Ryo Pi Massu Shige Tegoshi. :) forever as 6, 8 or 9. ♥ #NEWSlive
  • 11:17:45: RT @tegoshis: From Monday to Friday, the entire weeeek, I love NEWS. XD; #NEWSlive
  • 11:20:15: RT @tegoshis: I'm so proud of them. 7 years of hardships, but they never gave up. :) #NEWSlive
  • 11:24:54: Oyasumi! :) #NEWSlive
  • 11:25:11: Oyasumi! :) #arashi

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From Twitter 08-30-2010

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From Twitter 08-29-2010

  • 11:35:48: Happy birthday Matsujun <3
  • 11:36:30: Yeah, me too :) RT @MrsMatsumotoJun: i'll try my best to spam MatsuJun tomorrow. (:
  • 11:38:57: August 30th, #happybirthdaymj (Matsumoto Jun) ^^
  • 11:44:00: Oyasumi! :) RT @saku_rach: Oyasumi minna ^__^ Happy birthday MatsuJun!
  • 11:44:44: Oyasumi! ^^ RT @Felicia_Chan: Time to sleep, I'll continue spamming hard for MatsuJun tomorrow ♥ Oyasumi minna~
  • 11:45:47: Yes, please! :D RT @NinoPort: well, it's hard to spam my personal account, too many complainers there.. so can i spam with Matsujun here?
  • 11:49:27: RT @itsmeu: Dont forget to TT matsujun (without #) at 5-8pm JST RT @massuperman: August 30th, #happybirthdaymj (Matsumoto Jun) ^^
  • 11:51:36: @itsmeu LOL I forgot to put Matsujun on that tweet XDD Thanks :D
  • 11:56:04: @aizawa_chan Haha.. You'll see me soon. I'm actively spamming again XDD
  • 12:00:24: RT @NinoPort: Matsujun will always be the elite :)
  • 12:04:59: I'm going to sleep now. Good night! See u tomorrow ^^ And Happy Birthday Matsujun <3

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From Twitter 08-03-2010

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